Today I discovered 'Spikeball'

While scrolling through YouTube, I found the above video of a Spikeball rally. Officially known as “roundnet“, the sport was created by American cartoonist and toymaker Jeff Knurek in 1989 as a ball came inspired by volleyball. Played between two teams of two, the object is for each team to bounce the ball into a mini trampoline between them until it someone fails to return the ball or the ball hits the rim. “Spiking” involves hitting the ball in a way that it’s hard for the opponent to return it.

Spikeball Inc. is the sport’s biggest manufacturer after reviving the sport in the late 2000s and that’s why spikeball is a synonymous name with the sport but as Spikeball Tour Series tells it:

Spikeballâ„¢ = the brand. Roundnet = the sport.

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