The Playrface Frogs
We kick, we swing, we score.

Welcome to Playrface

Established in 2017 by founder and editor Luke Alex Davis, Playrface is all about the play. We aim to showcase stories about sports, popular and obscure, from a unique perspective.

There are bigger and better sports websites, so we won’t be covering major news stories. There’s more to sport than quick news bites you’ll forget after 5 minutes. We want you to know about the weird and wonderful sports from around the world. We want you to take trips down memory lane for your favourite sports. We want to show you the hottest talent people aren’t talking about.

Want something covered on Playrface?

While we use affiliate links and ads, we don’t make money to pay any writers. That’s why “we” is mainly just “me”. That being said, if you want something covered on the site or would like to collaborate, we’re all ears. You can get in touch by sending an email to