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Subbuteo players

Subbuteo Online is the home of all things Subbuteo-related

The table top football game named after a bird, Subbuteo has a new unofficial home for the latest news and opinions. My first encounter with Subbuteo was back in the late 90s. I lived near a massive shop called No Frills and it sold all kinds of random stuff. They had a Subbuteo France ’98 […]

old trafford

The Pantone colours of English football grounds

C.P. Company and Lack of Guidance collaborate to look at the colours of England’s many football grounds in Pantone form. What do Stone Island and C.P. Company have in common? Massimo Osti. The late Italian designer’s brands adorn thousands of fans every week even after his death in 2005. Stone Island has become synonymous with […]

Javi Poves of Flat Earth FC

Móstoles Balompie is now Flat Earth FC and honestly why

The Spanish club went for a name change and anyone with even a passing interest in soccer is scratching their head. We already discussed funny sounding South American club names in a previous article but this one is the most peculiar for many reasons. Spanish club Móstoles Balompie won promotion to Spain’s fourth tier league, […]