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The Montréal Alouettes

The Montréal Alouettes + their modern redesign

Québec’s GRDN led the Montréal Alouettes project to bring the 70-year-old team into the modern day. There’s a fine line between a sports team revamp and complete sanitisation. You don’t want to remove the traditions (unless they’re racist, like the Washington Redskins) but you also want to connect with the modern fans. Design studio GRDN bridged […]

NFL Trick Plays

10 Minutes of Trick Plays In American Football

From lateral passes to faked field goals, these trick plays are one-of-a-kind. I’ve not watched any American football since Kaepernick was blacklisted but I still enjoy watching the odd video. This one is a compilation of the best trick plays in American football. I admit some of them gave me goosebumps, particularly the faked field […]