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Uni Watch asks: what will the Rams and the Bengals wear for Super Bowl LVI?

I started following Uni Watch a few weeks ago as I was looking for some non-news related American football content and they’ve come through with some good stuff so far. One article that piqued my interest was about the choice of uniforms for the Rams and the Bengals who’ll meet each other at the Super Bowl on 13th February.

The AFC is the designated home team this year. If KC had won yesterday, they would have worn red over white and that would’ve been that — done and done. But with the Bengals representing the AFC, that opens up a wider range of possibilities. For one thing, they wore white at home one time this season (Week One, against the Vikings), so it’s not necessarily a lock that they’ll wear color. Moreover, because they have two different sets of white pants — one with black/white striping and one with orange/white striping — they wore an unusually large number of jersey/pants combos this season.

Obviously, they won’t wear orange. But that still leaves them with a lot of other combos to choose from. Would they dare to go mono-black in the big game? (Hope not.) “White tiger”? Standard black over white?

It’s a damn shame the Bengals can’t wear orange and black as those are the official Playrface colours. But the fans surely will and it’ll be interesting to see what colours are chosen by both teams.

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