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How The Minnesota Vikings Got Their Uniform in 1961

Logos can be modernised but their essence in simplicity remains intact. Paul Lukas wrote about the Minnesota Vikings and their uniform design history for ESPN. A sketch from sports cartoonist Karl Hubenthal is dated but the design wouldn’t look out of place in 2017: Viking horns on either side of the helmet, the classic Varsity numbering, and the Viking man logo, all perfection.

Factfile: Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are a team in the NFL, where they’ve played since 1960. They won their first title in 1968 when they won the Central Division. A year later, they won the last NFL championship before the NFL/AFL merger and reached 3 Superbowl finals in 4 years between 1973-1976 but have yet to reach another final since.

You can read the full history over on ESPN’s website.

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