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old trafford

The Pantone colours of English football grounds

C.P. Company and Lack of Guidance collaborate to look at the colours of England’s many football grounds in Pantone form. What do Stone Island and C.P. Company have in common? Massimo Osti. The late Italian designer’s brands adorn thousands of fans every week even after his death in 2005. Stone Island has become synonymous with […]

The Montréal Alouettes

The Montréal Alouettes + their modern redesign

Québec’s GRDN led the Montréal Alouettes project to bring the 70-year-old team into the modern day. There’s a fine line between a sports team revamp and complete sanitisation. You don’t want to remove the traditions (unless they’re racist, like the Washington Redskins) but you also want to connect with the modern fans. Design studio GRDN bridged […]