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Baseball pitcher, maybe throwing a fastball?

MLB pitchers are throwing fewer fastballs than ever before

It’s all about the change up for pitchers in the major leagues. What’s the most common style of pitch in baseball? The fastball. Anyone with a passing interest could surmise that. But it’s not as common as it used to be. Matt Foley wrote an insightful article for OZY about fastballs declining in recent years, […]

Red Sox: Alternate logo, 1950-59

Weird MLB Logos

From elephants to friars, here are some of the weirdest logos in MLB history. We love a cool sports logo. Whether it’s the ice hockey logos of Mexico or the development of Minnesota Vikings’ uniform in the 60s, you have to admire the craftsmanship. But there is an ugly side to sports logo design. MLB looked at […]

MLB Playback - The Most Interesting Plays In History

The Most Interesting Plays In MLB History

Baseball is an intriguing sport. I admit I know little to nothing about it besides watching the film Moneyball. So this video might make more sense to any fans watching out there. Starring the Mets winning the World Series because of a fielding error, Glenn Braggs‘ bat breaking across his back after a huge swing, […]