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The Montréal Alouettes

The Montréal Alouettes + their modern redesign

Québec’s GRDN led the Montréal Alouettes project to bring the 70-year-old team into the modern day. There’s a fine line between a sports team revamp and complete sanitisation. You don’t want to remove the traditions (unless they’re racist, like the Washington Redskins) but you also want to connect with the modern fans. Design studio GRDN bridged […]

Bianca Andreescu

Who is Bianca Andreescu?

The Canadian tennis player made waves when she reached the Auckland Open final, beating the likes of Venus and Wozniacki along the way. Now she’s making her way through the Australian Open. Canadian tennis can add another starlet to its arsenal. Most of the talk has been focussed on the men’s side; Raonic, and recently […]