Winter Sports

OFF COURSE: a short film about snowboarding in British Columbia

OFF COURSE shows the journey of snowboarders Jake Blauvelt, Jake Welch, and Shane Pospisil as they travel through Interior British Columbia in Western Canada. They met up with filmmaker Gabe Langlois, also from Canada, who filmed it all.

Seeing the vastness of the province was breathtaking as well as some awesome moves from Jake Blauvelt.

Main credits

  • Starring: Jake Blauvelt, Shayne Pospisil, Jake Welch
  • Production: Gabe Langlois, Tanner McCarty, and Jake Blauvelt
  • Director/editor: Gabe Langlois
  • Principal cinematography: Gabe Langlois, Paul Watt, Brandon Kelly
  • Aerial cinematography: Gabe Langlois
  • Camera assistant/Production assistant: Christian Bertrand
  • Colour: David Tomiak/Silver Lining Post
  • Sound mix: Keith White/Keith White Audio
  • Graphic design: Javas Lehn

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