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Canada's 2020* Olympic closing ceremony outfits are... something

I was so hyped for Tokyo 2020 from the moment Rio 2016 ended. And then the pandemic happened and it got delayed to this year, where it’ll take place behind closed doors. Excitement ruined.

I’ve not really cared about it since the delay but as it inches closer to 23rd July, I guess I should take some notice. Then I found this on a random Google search:

‘Cancel the Olympics’: fashion outcry as Canada brings back jean jackets for Tokyo

Denim outfits welcomed with mix of outrage and delight

Designers say uniforms reflect Tokyo’s street art and fashion

Denim? What’s wrong with denim? Sure, it’s unorthodox for an Olympic Games but who cares about tradition when we’re having a Games in a year ending in an odd number?

Then I saw it:

Photograph: Finn O’Hara/Finn O’Hara/ Team Canada

Yikea. I don’t even know what to say. It’s not retro, it’s not fashionable, it’s literally a jean jacket with some faux-spray paint on it. I’m not sure the Olympics should even take place this year but if it had to be cancelled and this was the reason, I wouldn’t be mad.

This isn’t even the first time they’ve gone rogue. At Munich 1972, they wore out in white straw hats and maple-leafed polka-dotted shirts:

My dude is wearing a cravat!

I almost prefer whatever the hell this is.

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