Domingo Germán's perfect game

New York Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán threw a perfect game against the Oakland A’s on 28th June. A perfect game in baseball means a pitcher finishing the game with no opposing batter getting on base and Germán became one of 24 people to do so:

What are the odds of pitching a perfect game in Major League Baseball?

Very, very small.

“At the beginning of every major-league game, an average pitcher facing a lineup of average hitters has a .000983 percent chance of pitching a perfect game,” according to numbers crunched by smart people in a 2012 SBNATION article.

That’s about 1 perfect game for every 34 seasons, according to SBNATION.

So, it was very unlikely that when Domingo Germán, the New York Yankees right-hander, took the mound Wednesday night against the Oakland Athletics, pitching a perfect game would be on his mind.

Yet Germán did – bringing not only his team an 11-0 victory over the A’s but also the Yankees’ fourth perfect game thrown in team history and the 24th perfect game in all of MLB history. Germán recorded the feat on 99 pitches thrown over nine innings, allowing no hits and no walks.

via NPR

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