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The women's draw at the French Open is wide open this year

The women’s draw at the Roland Garros is wide open this year

It’s not Serena vs. The Rest of the WTA at Roland Garros. At least not by numbers. Everyone on the WTA has a little extra in the tank when they play Serena Williams but they might want to conserve their energy for the rest of the field. Jeff Sackman for Heavy Topspin did a forecast […]

Baseball pitcher, maybe throwing a fastball?

MLB pitchers are throwing fewer fastballs than ever before

It’s all about the change up for pitchers in the major leagues. What’s the most common style of pitch in baseball? The fastball. Anyone with a passing interest could surmise that. But it’s not as common as it used to be. Matt Foley wrote an insightful article for OZY about fastballs declining in recent years, […]

Serena Williams at the French Open

The Numbers Game: Serena Williams

Serena Williams is the GOAT for a reason. Here are some of the numbers behind it. On my personal blog, I wrote a similar post for Roger Federer (my fave if you hadn’t already noticed). But while he’s my pick for the male GOAT, he’s not The GOAT. That accolade lies at the feet of […]

Rafael Nadal - The God of Clay

Rafael Nadal – The God of Clay

As a Roger Federer fan, it was customary to dislike Nadal or at least see him as a bitter rival over the years. But my heart has warmed to him as both players have gotten older. Not many expected Nadal’s dominance on clay to continue after two consecutive years without winning, in 2015 and 2016 […]