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The Ringer's favourite sporting moments of 2021

Staff from The Ringer compiled a list of 42 great sporting moments from last year including (perhaps ironically but justifiably) Simone Biles absence on the Olympic podium in Tokyo, Patrik Schick’s 50-yard stunner against Scotland in the Euros, and Max Verstappen winning his first F1 title (and robbing Lewis Hamilton of an 8th in the process*). But the funniest inclusion was “The Wild Basketball Game in Space Jam: A New Legacy” from Keith Fujimoto:

Is the game realistic? No. Is it entertaining? Absolutely. Maybe it’s time for villains to stop sending NBA stars into a vortex to play some otherworldly high-stakes basketball game, considering they’re now 0-2. Still, will there be another installment? Yes, money talks, and by the time that my barely 6-month-old twins turn 4, I’m sure I’ll be typing a blurb about Space Jam 3.

I must admit: I was ready to give up on the film until the second half of that match when things really picked up so I can respect his choice.

*I’m still salty about it and I don’t care.

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