Skating through Transylvania

From 2017, this Red Bull article on a group of skateboarders on a Transylvanian adventure:

The Romanian province of Transylvania means ‘The land beyond the forest’ and is home to a large proportion of Europe’s wolves, bears, sudden rolling fog and, of course, the legend of Count Dracula. It also has loads to skate, guaranteeing that our trip to search and destroy skate spots would be yet another brap-worthy endeavour.

How could it not be?

Those who travelled (Johan Stuckey, Aidan Campbell, Philipp Schuster, Vladik Scholz, and Barney Page) visited Romania to meet withMihnea Groseanu, Romania’s “first real breakout talent”. Groseanu showed them around the land of Dracula via his hometown, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Brasov.

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