The Art of Ping Pong celebrates ping pong subculture

Table tennis fans may wince at the use of the term “ping pong” but they’ve become synonymous with each other at consumer level (read this Guardian reader article about the perceived differences between table tennis and ping pong). In essence, they’re the same but you can argue amongst yourselves about that.

But onto the blog! The Art of Ping Pong is a site that celebrates “the popularity and subculture of ping pong by colliding it with our passion for art and design”. This is done through special products, design collabs, and events that support causes such as Greenhouse Sports. They’ve even worked with Nike and Roger Federer as part of Nike’s NikeCourt x Roger Federer collection.

If you fancy brightening up your table tennis/ping pong experience, check out the Art of Ping Pong shop for select bats, tables, “nets” and other sporting goods.

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