Lin Dan's 'Super Dan' Instagram graphic novel

In honour of badminton legend Lin Dan starting an Instagram account, monopo and AmCo Studio created a 9-episode graphic novel called ‘Super Dan’

The 9 chapters show Lin Dan growing up as a child, going through his teenage years and displaying early signs of genius throughout – but equally the tribulations that shaped him. A new chapter was released every day, building up to the final chapter in which Lin Dan is given his title of Super Dan.

A bespoke cover illustration was crafted for every episode, creating a real sense of collectability across the volumes.

But the special part is that it’s all on Instagram to read, share, swipe through and enjoy. And the panels don’t conform to Insta’s grid format; they bleed across each frame to add some dynamism to the novel. Genius work.

(via Abduzeedo)

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