Some Olympics data viz

The Olympics have started, and while I won’t be watching (read my reason on Twitter), I will post interesting or informative stuff for those who do want to engage with it.

Here are a few data visualisations about Tokyo 2020:

  • Live Data Visualization Showcasing the Tokyo Olympics – Sprinklr looks at the Tokyo Games with a dashboard of live data viz featuring social mentions about different sports, athletes, and more.
  • WaPo’s new Olympic sport explainers – The Washington Post created some interactives to showcase the three new Olympic sports: skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing.
  • Speed ranks of the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay – Flowing Data picked up NYT’s speed estimates of the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay. I say estimates becayuse they actually used photos showing a combination of “positions of the athletes and timestamp information from the images”.
  • Bloomberg’s medal count tracker – ‘Bloomberg News is tracking the results of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, including a schedule of events and the number of medals won by each country or delegation.’
  • The age ranges of Olympians – ‘There were some outliers in the old days, but even in Tokyo, athletes range from boomers through Gen Z’

Updated: 9th August 2021

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