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A Japanese robot that gets 3's from halfcourt

At half-time of the Olympic basketball game between USA vs. France, CUE4, an odd-looking black Japanese robot showed off its skills for throwing 3’s.

Demonstrating the early stages of the machine-dominated dystopian future, the seven-foot robot developed by Toyota engineers scored a perfect three-pointer and half-court shot. The eerily designed robot took to the center stage at halftime break during Sunday’s showdown game that France won by 89-79. The Toyota engineers have created this free throw shooting robot in their free time over the last couple of years – and at the game – the smart machine beat human players shot for shot. It perfectly landed an easy free throw, a three-pointer, and a flawless half-court shot (just like Stephen Curry) in tandem to wow the crowd!

The video above shows both successful shots from the 3-point line and half-court in front of a reduced crowd.

(via Yanko Design)

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