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Black Spin Global

Black Spin Global celebrates black excellence in pro tennis

Pro tennis is a multifaceted sport and outlets like Black Spin Global show it to us in colour. Wimbledon starts tomorrow but it needn’t be “all white”. Eugene Allen is the founder and chief editor of Pitching It Black, a media company “focused on highlighting black soccer players and coaches in Europe”. In 2018, he […]

Luton Town U9 - European Champions 2019

Luton Town Under-8s beat Juventus to win the International Cup

Luton Town’s seniors aren’t the only team to win big this season. I’ve lived in Luton most of my life. I even worked for Luton Town behind the bar, so this story has a special place in my heart. Luton Town’s Under-8s beat Juventus 6-1 in the International Cup final in Dortmund on Sunday. Not […]

10 Sports Writers You Should Follow

10 Sports Writers You Should Follow On Twitter

It all started with a simple question that I didn’t answer properly. I was asked – and I’m paraphrasing now – what writers did I always read when I saw their articles. I only gave one name at the time (and he features in this list) and drew a blank. It wasn’t until much later […]