How TomFM rebuilt Manchester United in 10 seasons

Football manager rebuild videos are great when it’s a fallen great or a lower league team. Yes, it can get a bit boring with the same tactics, same kinds of signings, and the Europa League Conference being so easy (it seems) but that’s why I like TomFM’s videos as there are always obstacles along the way.

In the case of this rebuild, he opted for Manchester United. Despite decades of success with Alex Ferguson, they haven’t won a league title since he left in 2013 and haven’t won a Champions League since 2008. Tom’s goal was to win a treble, 15 trophies in total, and get a player to win the Ballon d’Or in 10 seasons. But he added his own “wheel of death” for some added spice, spinning it once a season to include a restriction such as sell your best player, a season-long transfer embargo, or release everyone.

The result wasn’t all plain sailing as you’ll see but there was plenty of success and the team wasn’t completely decimated in the process.

Every 6–12 months, I get an urge to do a Man United rebuild save on FM/CM but I often find that doing less in terms of recruitment and fixing up tactics a bit more does the job and that could work for any team with money and talent. The alternative is player management and recruitment based on vibes, which is naturally volatile and inefficient. But this has inspired me to do something similar so I think I might try yet another Man United rebuild on CM but using my patented Cryuijffonomics ideology (remember that?). I’ll also nick Tom’s wheel and make a few adjustments to add that extra flavour.

Watch this space (and the video because it’s great).

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