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This or That

This or That #3: Ashwin Raman

Our “This or That” series continues with football writer, Ashwin Raman. Find out whether he picked boxers or briefs and more on Playrface.

This or That

This or That #2: Dave Black aka @CM9798

Our next interviewee for “This or That” is Championship Manager 97/98 enthusiast, Dave Black. You may remember we featured Dave as part of this CM9798 Cup tournament. We’re happy to have him take part in our This or That series where we ask someone in sport a series of questions and they have to choose […]

This or That

This or That #1: Jon Mackenzie

In our new series “This or That”, we ask the important questions to a variety of people in sport. Our first volunteer is sports writer Jon Mackenzie. There’s a lot of sports discourse out there: opinion pieces, analytical writing, interviews, sports reports. It’s a lot to take in. This or That cuts away all the […]