This or That #5: Machel St Patrick Hewitt

And just like that, we’re back with another edition of This or That. If you missed the previous four, check out Jon Mackenzie’s, Dave Black’s, Ashwin Raman’s, and Proxima Jornada’s answers.

For #5, I asked Machel St Patrick Hewitt of Caribbean Cricket Podcast those most important questions to see if he picked “this” or “that”.

Coke or Pepsi? – Coke

Coffee or tea? – Coffee

Hamburgers or hot dogs? – Hamburger

Cake or pie? – Cake

White bread or brown bread? – White bread

Stadium or sofa? – Stadium

Jay-Z or Nas? – Nas

Home end or away end? – Away end

VAR decision or human decision? – VAR if used clearly

Blur or Oasis?  – Oasis

Comedy or horror? – Comedy

Reality shows or sitcoms? – Sitcoms

UEFA or FIFA? – Both corrupt

Analytics or gut instinct? – Gut instinct

Adam Gilchrist or Jeff Dujon? Gilchrist – only because I grew up as he was redefining wicket keeping

Cricket or baseball? – Cricket

Federer or Nadal? – Federer

Poker or blackjack? – Poker

Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair? – (heel) Hollywood Hulk Hogan

FIFA or Pro Evo? – FIFA

Nike or Adidas? – Adidas

Windows or Mac? – Windows

Marvel or DC? – Marvel

2 point wins or 3 point wins? 3 points 

Jules Rimet Trophy or FIFA World Cup Trophy? Just World Cup would do

Boxers or briefs? Boxers

FA Trophy or FA Cup? I’m a non-league fan – FA Trophy

Copa America or Euro Championships? Euros unless Jamaica are playing in the Copa

Champions League or Europa League? Champions League

Premier League or Premiership? Never really thought of the difference

Nintendo or Sega? Nintendo

MK Dons or AFC Wimbledon? MK Dons

McDonald’s or Burger King? Burger King tastes better

Subway or Quiznos? What’s Quiznos?

Under the roll or over the roll? Under, I think

Cats or dogs? Dogs, Cats are sinister

Maradona or Eusebio? Maradona

Brian Lara or Don Bradman? Lara

Was it a cross or was it a shot at goal? Cross

Serve and volley or baseline duel? For the spectator? Serve and volley

100m or 10,000m? 100m

New England Patriots or anyone else? Minnesota Vikings

Leg spinner or off spinner? Leg spin

Football or soccer? Football

Amateur or professional? Professional

Halfway shot for 3 or buzzer-beater for 2? Buzzer beater

West Indies or England? West Indies, now and forever

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