This or That #6: Maryam Naz

This or That is back and we have Maryam Naz, writer and editor for Catena Media and Squawka. If you missed the previous five, check out Jon Mackenzie’s, Dave Black’s, Ashwin Raman’s, Proxima Jornada’s, and Machel St Patrick Hewitt’s answers.

Maryam is a great writer and it’s an honour to have her take part in our Q&A series. Let’s go!

  1. Coke or Pepsi? – Coke (diet)
  2. Coffee or tea? – Tea (herbal)
  3. Hamburgers or hot dogs? – Burgers (vegan)
  4. Cake or pie? – Cake every day
  5. White bread or brown bread? – White
  6. Stadium or sofa? – Sofa
  7. Barthes or Žižek? – Barthes
  8. Home end or away end? – Home, Kop End
  9. VAR decision or human decision? – VAR
  10. Blur or Oasis? – Oasis
  11. Comedy or horror? – Horror, though I’ve seen so many I’m desensitised. Nothing scares me.
  12. Reality shows or sitcoms? – Sitcoms
  13. UEFA or FIFA? – Neither, both are corrupt and misogynistic
  14. xG or gut instinct? – Gut instinct
  15. Marta or Megan Rapinoe? Marta
  16. Cricket or baseball? I’m Pakistani so I have to say cricket
  17. Federer or Nadal? Federer
  18. Poker or blackjack? Blackjack
  19. FIFA or Pro Evo? I’m a FIFA fiend
  20. Nike or Adidas? Nike
  21. Windows or Mac? Mac
  22. Marvel or DC? Marvel
  23. 2 point wins or 3 point wins? I like even numbers, so 2
  24. Jules Rimet Trophy or FIFA World Cup Trophy? Jules
  25. Copa del Rey or FA Cup? FA Cup
  26. Women’s World Cup or Men’s World Cup? Women’s – gotta rep
  27. Champions League or Europa League? Champions League
  28. Premier League or Premiership? Premier League
  29. Nintendo or Sega? Nintendo
  30. Betting sponsors or charity sponsors? Charity sponsors
  31. Ford or Vauxhall? Ford
  32. Oat milk or almond milk? Oat
  33. Beyond Burger or Quorn burger? Beyond meat
  34. Subway or Quiznos? Subway
  35. Under the roll or over the roll? Under
  36. Cats or dogs? Dogs (my flat mate has two poodles)
  37. Maradona or Pelé? Pele
  38. Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi? Messi obvs
  39. Was it a cross or was it a shot at goal? Shot at goal most likely
  40. Serve and volley or baseline duel? Serve and volley
  41. Half pipe or slopes? Slopes
  42. 100m or 10,000m? 10,000m?
  43. New England Patriots or anyone else? Green Bay Packers
  44. Ice hockey or field hockey? Ice hockey
  45. Football or soccer? Depends on where you live
  46. Keegan or Dalglish? Dalglish
  47. Amateur or professional? Pro
  48. A shot from halfway for 3 points or a buzzer beater for 2 points? Shot from halfway for 3 points on the buzzer

Now’s your chance to plug anything you want in as many words as you want. Go!

Channeling my inner feminist into the world of journalism, when I say support female writers, I mean include them in the conversation for all sport and don’t limit them to women’s football just because they are female. Give us coverage for all the sporting content, alongside the women’s game.

And stop painting us to be inferior in all aspects just because we do want to give women’s sport coverage. It’s myopic, debilitating and incredibly frustrating to experience. The fact that things like this need to be outlined in the 21st century is ridiculous and I will continue to preach and rant until it looks like we’re making some ground on resolving it. Aight’ thanks.

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