Studs is a deep dive into women's football

Last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup drew millions of eyes onto the women’s game. England got to the semis, losing to the eventual winners, USA. It was a success from that point of view.

But equal pay and representation was still a major concern. And there was controversy before the tournament started when Copa90 sacked one of their presenters for sexist tweets. In March 2019, Megan Rapinoe and 27 of her US teammates filed a lawsuit against the USSF accusing the federation of gender discrimination in a fight for equal pay. It reminded everyone that positive steps are being made but some feet prefer to stay behind.

In that case, Studs is the perfect name to “dive into women’s football” (if I carry on the steps/feet analogy). Lead by a team of 4, Studs “shares content that showcases women’s football and it’s community in a way that is fun, empowering, inclusive and looks, well, cool”. There’s no bandwagoning, just women’s football in all its splendour.

And they’re right – women’s football is cool. From odes to Sue Smith’s hair to responses to misogyny and gaslighting, Studs has it covered. Updates have been infrequent of late but I’m sure there’s more to come soon. And it’ll be worth the wait. Probably sooner than Arsenal or Man United winning another league title. The men, that is.

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