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Jeff Bakalar puts rugged tech to the test with a heap of slapshots

How sturdy is an iPhone when it’s hit by a hockey puck? Jeff Balakar of CNET investigated rugged tech.

I don’t know why CNET is hitting pucks at GoPros and iPhones but I also don’t have the budget to attempt such experiments. Even if I wanted to. So fair play to them.

What are torture tests?

You may be familiar with torture tests in the tech world (better known as stress testing). It’s a way to determine how stable a product or system is, with the use of intense testing, physical and technical.

No pucks given

They usually take place in controlled environments like labs but Jeff Bakalar decided to try the procedure at the City National Arena in Las Vegas where the Vegas Golden Knights practise. But he wasn’t alone.

He had the help of former player Shane Hnidy as they thrashed hockey pucks at loads of hardware to see just how hard they really were. But the devices weren’t unprotected.

The phones and hard drives were covered with rubber cases to see how well they worked (hence them being called rugged tech). As you might expect, some didn’t survive the tests. But at least they had fun, right?

Stream the video below.

(h/t Danny Page on Twitter)

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