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How to make a tennis ball: a video by Benedict Redgrove

The graphic designer created a video for Wilson showing the 24 different processes that go into making a tennis ball. Guess how many balls are used at Wimbledon every year. According to Wimbledon Debenture Holders, it’s over 54,000. That’s one ball for every seat in Nou Mestalla in Valencia with a few left over. But […]

Javi Poves of Flat Earth FC

Móstoles Balompie is now Flat Earth FC and honestly why

The Spanish club went for a name change and anyone with even a passing interest in soccer is scratching their head. We already discussed funny sounding South American club names in a previous article but this one is the most peculiar for many reasons. Spanish club Móstoles Balompie won promotion to Spain’s fourth tier league, […]

How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball?

How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball?

Ever wondered how hard you can hit a golf ball? Read on & find out at speeds of over 500mph! Warning: a watermelon was harmed in the making of this experiment.