Tennis balls as bike tyres?

According to The Q, tennis balls make for a unique alternative to bike tyre rubber:

A handmade bicycle tire made out of tennis balls is an unconventional and eco-friendly way to create a functional tire for a bicycle. The tennis balls are shaped to fit onto the rim of a bicycle, providing the necessary traction and grip for riding on various surfaces.

The tire is made by fitting the tennis balls to the pvc pipe piece and shape of a traditional bicycle tire and then attaching them to the rim. The process of attaching the tennis balls to the rim would require a high degree of skill and precision, as the tennis balls must be manipulated and formed to fit snugly on the rim without any slip.

One advantage of using tennis balls to make the tire is that they are readily available and easy to find at a low cost. Also, they are eco-friendly alternative to traditional rubber tires, as they are made of natural rubber and can be recycled after their use as a tire.

From kick serve to kick stand, amirite?!

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