Nicoline Sørensen on women's soccer and engineering

A picture of Nicoline Sørensen celebrating with her teammates.

Before this interview, the only connection with soccer and engineering I could think of was Royal Engineers A.F.C., the team that won the 1875 FA Cup. There are probably better connections but the point is, it’s not common. Nicoline Sørensen’s life as a top striker for club and country and an engineering student is unique and sensible as she hopes to work in innovation engineering after she retires:

What inspired you to study engineering and why innovation engineering in particular?

I’ve always loved subjects such as mathematics, biology and so on. The more technical part of school was just more natural to me, so it was very obvious for me to look at all the engineering studies.

In terms of innovation, my mom and dad started their own company back in the good old days, and especially my dad has always had an innovative mind – how can we do things even better than they are today or how can we solve the problem in a better way.

So bottom line is that process and innovation engineering really has been the natural choice for me.

And some advice:

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to young women thinking about studying engineering?

My best advice, not only about studying engineering, playing football or whatever, is to be happy and do what you love the most.

If you are happy and do what you love, I know that the result will be great.

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