WRESTHINGS: The wrestling podcast with a Black British perspective

Let’s see how many wrestling slang terms I can throw into the ring.

I might not be the best judge here since I haven’t watched any kind of wrestling in years but I know a good aesthetic when I see it. And WRESTHINGS has it in spades.


WRESTHINGS is a bi-weekly wrestling podcast, featuring four strapping young men in the form of Mr. Anarfi, Delboy, Sam Blackz & VRSYJNES. Wrestling podcasts are a dime a dozen but the uniqueness from this one comes from the perspective of four Black British men.

Rather than solely cover WWE, the quartet has looked different professional wrestling franchises including AEW, Revolution Pro, and Progress Wrestling. The analysis is funny and passionate, but it’s for everyone. On their Soundcloud, they say they want to “create a hub for those who enjoyed the sport, used to enjoy it, or on the fence”.

And in their own words, the podcast is “for the mandem, by the mandem”. A stable community for sure.

Where can I listen and support?

There are 6 places you can engage with WRESTHINGS:

But enough of the promo. My job here is done and I think I’ve put them over. I count that as 7 terms.

Stream their Royal Rumble 2020 predictions video below.

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