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LGR Blerberbowl I: CPU Chiefs vs CPU 49ers

I’ve not watched any American football since Colin Kaepernick was “blacklisted”. And, to be honest, I got tired of watching the Chicago Bears lose over and over (although they did reach the playoffs once).

That meant the Super Bowl came and went and this year has been no exception. But amongst my YouTube subscriptions, I noticed something called a Blerberbowl and I just had to look.

The Blerberbowl is the creation of YouTuber LGR aka Clint Basinger. He live-streamed an NFL game on Madden NFL 2000 from his Windows 98 PC, CPU vs. CPU! It had no commentary and no music, just the AI battling itself.

Of course, the two opponents were the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers, mirroring the Super Bowl LIV finalists. But the all-important question: who won?

Well, you’ll have to stream Blerberbowl I below and find out.

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