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The top 10 posts of 2023

Back for a third year, I’ve compiled the top 10 posts published this year (see last year’s if you’re interested and 2021’s edition). I’ve published way less this year (112 vs. 195). Could have been more but life happens!

Here are the top 10 posts of 2023:

  1. TomFM’s AFC Richmond team in Football Manager 2023
  2. How to use Python for player recruitment in FM24
  3. All of Didier Drogba’s Champions League goals
  4. TIL: there’s a World Chess Tennis Championship and Laurent Fressinet was its first winner in 2018
  5. Remembering Roberto Carlos’s ‘impossible’ free kick against France in 1997
  6. Pelé at 50, bossing it in a friendly in 1990
  7. Ayrton Senna’s heel-and-toe shifting
  8. Roy Hodgson: the polyglot
  9. Bonz Atron’s strike
  10. National anthem bloopers

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