The top 10 posts of 2021

I know the numbers are arbitrary on their own, but I can’t help looking at page views. It lets me know that someone has taken the time to investigate what I’ve written and, if they stick around, great. If not, fair enough (but I always hope they come back). So I decided to look up the top 10 posts published this year. I haven’t published as much in 2021 as previous years for all kinds of reasons but I’m generally pleased with the output.

In no particular order:

  1. Musa Okwonga on Pelé
  2. Minnesota Fats vs. Willie Mosconi
  3. The Kilobyte’s Gambit: chess in 1KB of JavaScript
  4. Ay Up, Me Champions League Duck! #1
  5. Here’s Pinhead playing American football
  6. I stand by Naomi Osaka
  7. Cullen Jones on world records, diversity in swimming, and other sports
  8. Fernando Tatis Jr. did a double jump and it was double dope
  9. When Ronnie O’Sullivan played left-handed
  10. Nyquill Jornan of the Choncago Balls

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