Nyquill Jornan of the Choncago Balls

As sporting bootlegs go, this has to be one of the all-time greats.

Nyquill Jornan and the Choncago Balls are, of course, the bastardised versions of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and this action figure was made by Obvious Plant, a toy company with a penchant for the mischievous.

The company’s founder, Jeff Wysaski, hides bootleg toys and other products amongst real ones and they’re arguably more fun. It’s a shame there aren’t more sports-related toys (although Mister Nipples sounds like a terrible WCW gimmick from the early 90s) but regardless, these are damn funny.

You can buy the Nyquill Jornan figure on the Obvious Plant website as well as an NJ t-shirt. That’s dupe, man!

(via @JohnnyHSD on Twitter)

Update: I tell a lie—there is another sports-related toy. It’s “Sports Are Dumb!

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