The energetic art of Zenobia Winbush

As Black Lives Matter protests take place across the world, it’s important to appreciate and cultivate all facets of Black culture. We protest and we fight for our rights and we do so through art, music, literature, charity, sports, and so much more. But before I go off on an unrelated tangent, let me draw you back to the point of this article.

Zenobia Winbush is a graphic designer for Miami University’s Athletics Department and her work captures the energy of the sports in her environment. From American football to basketball and soccer, Zenobia’s work is action-packed and vibrant, whether the focal points are photographed in-motion or still.

She has also worked with the likes of Texas Revolution, Dallas Sidekicks, and Murray State University.

Besides still designs, Zenobia also creates motion graphics like this design celebrating Miami’s Mac East Championship win or Lauren Dickerson becoming the new record holder for most career points.

Check out the rest of Zenobia’s Behance portfolio.

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