The Brexit Challenge on Championship Manager 01/02

But who knows what they’ll be exactly and how they’ll manifest. Changes like Brexit often breed challenges on football games like Championship Manager and Football Manager and this is no exception.

On the champman0102 forums, the guys put together a Brexit challenge as part of their challenge subforum. You have to manage Millwall (because they are the closest team to Lambeth, who had the biggest Remain vote percentage in the country) and play 5 seasons with only EU players. That means no UK players and obviously no other non-EU players either.

Looking through the thread, many have struggled but forum user Faceless did an amazing job signing a lot of 30+ year old legends including Iniesta at one point. There’s also Redknapp69 who pulled off some remarkable feats. I’ve not checked if there’s an official challenge for Football Manager but that might appeal more to some of you. Either way, it looks fun and an interesting way to twist on the Brexit drama that’s going on (and anyone who isn’t racist or otherwise a bigot wishes it wasn’t at all – I voted Remain).

For more rules and information, head to the Brexit challenge thread on the champman0102 forums to see how everyone got on.

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