Soccer release March 2019 Update

In 2005, I found It was a revelation – my favourite football game, Championship Manager 01/02, updated with the latest players. I temporarily joined the team as the Argentina player scout but left after I caused a minor panic (I took the update files for longer than I should have without knowing). But I fundamentally lost interest as I didn’t really follow Argentinian football. 14 years later and I still play the game with updates and so much has improved since then.

Download the March 2019 CM01/02 update here.

The team’s latest update came after the last transfer window with a host of changes. Some of the notable ones are below:

  • over 10,000 transfers and loans made since October 2018
  • over 20,000 new players and staff added
  • All playable leagues are updated in terms of squad lists
  • the majority of playable leagues have the correct manager
  • formations updated to reflect real-life selections (where possible)
  • space at most big clubs to encourage transfer activity
  • lesser transfer activity to China to match their current slowdown
  • Cash balances updated across all major leagues

You’ll need the v3.9.68 patch for the update to run without errors. For those who play with other patches on top, the March 2019 update is compatible with Tapani’s 2.21 patch. I’ve managed to get the start year as 2018 and no errors (so far). There is a compatible Saturn patch available too if you want more features such as correct league names, league structures, and realistic transfer fees.

And if you need the game itself, you can either buy a physical copy or download it for free on their website.

Otherwise, head to the download page on and enjoy!

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