Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman accused of stealing from a yoga studio

This is… something. A yoga studio called Vibes Hot Yoga is alleging a theft of over $3.5k worth of merch including a 400lb crystal by none other than Dennis Rodman. Yes, former Chicago Bulls power forward, Hall of Famer, and 5× NBA champion, Dennis Rodman.

The studio owner, Ali Shah, claims to have video evidence of Rodman and three friends stealing clothes. But Rodman said otherwise:

“As the good person that I am, I said, ‘OK, guys, let’s go over here and do one thing.’ And they call it a heist. They call it a heist, because guess what? That (expletive) company, I guess you call it yoga or something? They’re broke. … I don’t need to steal (expletive).”

Indiana Jones from
That’s not a geode, dude!

And the crystal in question? A 400lb (~181kg) geode amethyst crystal.

The video evidence apparently shows a man with Rodman moving the geode “onto a dolly and dropping it, causing it to shatter”. The pieces are gathered and placed back before escaping. You just can’t get the staff these days. The police investigation is ongoing.

This isn’t new territory for Rodman, at least the controversy. In 2018, he cried with happiness over the Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un summit. The fact he was wearing a MAGA hat in the video tells me all I need to know: screw that guy.

(via USA Today)

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