Break The Love - the mobile tennis club without the hassle

Yes, that pun was an unforced error on my part but let’s move on. When I used to have a gym membership, I tried my hand at some paid lessons. I got about 5 before I had to stop and then the coach disappeared. It wasn’t cheap – at least for my income – so I probably wouldn’t do it again unless I somehow won the Lotto.

But services like Break the Love are helping those who don’t want or have a tennis club membership and just want to hit a few balls around with like-minded amateurs. The New York mobile tennis club “takes care of all of the planning and booking so you don’t have to right at the palm of your hand” they claim on the website. It’s as simple as requesting a match or some practice rallies up to 2 weeks in advance and matching up with another player. Who knows, maybe you’ll pair up with John McEnroe (unless you’re Serena Williams).

Okay, so while a club membership isn’t required, there are price plans on Break The Love. There are two plans available:

Annual – $39/moMonthly – $49/mo
first game includedFirst game included
add on games for $32Add on games for $39
Access community eventsAccess community events
Live pro-supportLive pro-support
Access exclusive pro-tips
Exclusive starter pack

Joining the waiting list will guarantee you “Founding Member” rates for life. A monthly plan comes with game credits you use to play matches but the downside is they don’t roll over so try not to pull out if you can.

This is certainly catered to the kind of player who can afford a tennis club membership but doesn’t want to be part of a league or follow the guidelines of one. I get that. In fact, it’s significantly cheaper. Fees for the New York Tennis Club’s Summer Outdoor 5-month season start from $675 for a weekday membership. Their “Mandatory Food & Beverage Fee” is $90. We know where the smart money is.

Interested? Head to the Break The Love website for more information on how to get started and set up your first match. And you can email them at with any queries.

(This endorsement is not sponsored.)

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