Happy 17th Birthday, Championship Manager 01/02

I started playing a year after it was released. November 2002, a matter of weeks before Championship Manager 4 came out (I got that eventually too). It was 99p. Talk about depreciation! But the copy stayed with me and although I lost the disc, I still have the box (and bought another copy and then the disc broke in half). Thanks to Champman0102, I’ve been able to play with real-time updates and I’ve never enjoyed another football management game since.

Championship Manager 01/02 toes the line between minimalism and complexity. The GUI is basic but gives you everything you need with minimal clicks to the screens you need. Seasons can take a few days to get through, and with updates and patches, a few hours. You can change fonts and graphics, and live out your favourite player-related fantasies. No other game really compares. I’ve really tried with Football Manager but playing feels like a job. After 8 hours of one that actually pays, I need to relax. 01/02 gives that ease of play.

Have you not played in a decade? Do you play regularly but want a challenge or a change? Then this list is for you. Championship Manager 01/02 is for life, not just for Christmas.

The Game

You can pick up Championship Manager 01/02 on eBay or Amazon for a couple of quid but you can download it for free from The link comes with instructions on how to install.

Players Lists


  • Data Updates – You can find all the 01/02 updates created by the guys at in this list. We also wrote about the latest March 2019 update.
  • Patches – Want to play the game a bit faster, with some added colours and fixed bugs? Try installing one of the many patches available. All of them come with instructions on how to install.
  • Tactics – Loads and loads of tactics. Hundreds of them. Some are considered “cheat” tactics, exploiting inconsistencies in the game engine. But it’s not as plug-and-play as it used to be so you’ll need your inner 2003 Claudio Ranieri to tinker things to become the 2016¬†Claudio Ranieri.

Articles and other links

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