How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball?

Time for some sports science with golf balls and high-velocity action!

I debated putting this here or on our sibling website, LOG!CFACE (because of science). We won out so enjoy! Have you ever wondered how hard golfers hit their balls? Or how hard one could be hit? Well, the folks at Smarter Every Day had that very same question and decided to find out.

Did you know the most common number of dimples found on a golf ball is 336?

Fact from Department of Physics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Using a custom-made vacuum cannon, they shot golf balls at speeds of 500mph and beyond. Their experiments included launching balls in the open and contained experiments with balls launched at walls, anvils, and drivers. Oh, and a watermelon was harmed in the making of this video but the slow-motion replay is majestic.

Stream it below.

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