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The fearless female rally drivers of Finland

For Glorious, Alex King profiled the Finnish women who take on dangerous terrain in their rally cars:

Rokkiralli is a Finnish DIY rally series that is certainly not for the fainthearted. Unlike the professional rally leagues where successful drivers need to spend huge sums to put themselves in contention, no Rokkiralli driver is allowed to spend more than €650 on their car. Keeping the big money out maintains a level playing field and keeps the focus on racing in its purest form. It also makes rally accessible to everyone: from oddball petrolheads to larger-than-life characters, but also women and girls. Yet, it’s not just the low price of entry that makes Rokkiralli the most inclusive rally series in Finland: a huge emphasis is placed on making the series raucous fun and inviting to all. If you can race, you’re part of the Rokkiralli family.

Quite a contrast from the Hobby Horse championships.

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