The wrestling women of Japan

Dangerous Minds on ‘the gorgeous ladies of Japanese wrestling‘: All-female wrestling in Japan in the 1970s was a glorious wonderland full of tough, athletic women happily defying cultural and gender norms. Matches were broadcast on television and a duo going by the name The Beauty Pair (Jackie Sato and Maki Ueda) were huge stars. Teenagers …


It’s Championship Manager 97/98, in book form

The World According to Championship Manager 97/98: Football, Vindaloo & Michael Owen - World Cup 98 Champ Man style

I’ve had Dave Black on the blog before (read This or That #2: Dave Black aka @CM9798) and if you didn’t already know, he has a book out called ‘The World According to Championship Manager 97/98’. Here’s the blurb: Football is full of what if’s and if only’s. What if Gazza had gone to World …

Ice Hockey / Winter Sports

Remembering Mikael Granlund’s ‘lacrosse-style’ goal vs. Russia

Imagine opening the scoring in a tournament semi-final with a goal like this. That’s exactly what Mikael Granlund did for Finland against Russia at the 2011 IIHF World Championships. What a Finnish! *ahem* Fun fact: After the goal, Finnish Hockey Mafia released a song called “Taivas varjele!” and reached #2 in the Finnish Singles Chart as well as …