Kintsugi Court by Victor Solomon

Victor Solomon is an artist and basketball fan from Boston. Last year, he revamped a basketball court in LA with some white and gold paint, fresh backboards and hoops, and the kintsugi method.

“With the heartbreaking beginning to 2020 and this weekend’s return of basketball – I’ve been thinking about the parallels between sport as a uniting platform to inspire healing and my ongoing experiments with the technique of Kintsugi that embellishes an object’s repair with gold to celebrate its healing as a formative part of the journey.”

Victor in an interview with Hypebeast

Victor is no stranger to this kind of thing as his website Literally Balling is full of unique basketball-related art, all gilded in some way. Gold is such a basketball colour, isn’t it?

See also: A gold experience and a slam dunk involving an elephant and a seesaw.

(via The Kid Should See This)

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