Nia Dennis's incredible 9.95 floor exercise

A crip walk in a gymnastics routine? This was a demonstration in Black excellence through the ages.

On 23rd January, the UCLA Bruins went up against Arizona State in the NCAA season opener. Gymnast Nia Dennis clinched a Bruins victory with a stunning performance on the floor that scored 9.95. This from head coach, Chris Waller:

“I really couldn’t be any more proud of our team. The team love they showed, the heart they showed in getting themselves to be confident with so little preparation, the resilience, the pride they took in each other and in their performances … I just couldn’t say enough about how proud I am of the character of the team.”

The final score was 196.150-195.950 so Nia’s score was crucial and she did it in style.

“This routine definitely reflects everything I am today as a woman. Of course I had to incorporate a lot of parts of my culture.”

Amongst the plaudits (and there were many as the video has gone viral) were Simone Biles and Missy Elliott, whose song Pass That Dutch featured in the routine.

Stream it below.

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(Featured image: Kyusung Gong / AP)

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