Hey, Paris! (a new CM01/02 save) — Part Quatre

If you have no idea what that is, check out the first, second, and third parts to get up to speed. In a nutshell, I’m managing Paris FC and trying to get them to finish ahead of PSG.

To improve the longevity of this save (providing it doesn’t crash), I’ll keep these updates short and cover the following sections

  • The league
  • The cups
  • The transfers
  • The money
  • Objective recap

Let’s see how the league campaign finished.

The league

2025/266thLigue 13818614686060

We got surprisingly close to PSG in the league but so, so far.

Again, results and performances were still quite inconsistent and it took a lot of tactics to get something stable but I’m happy with the 6th place finish when we had to fight relegation. Not least because… we qualified for the Europa League!

The cups

Coupe de France: Round of 32

Same cup, same finish. We beat Sochaux 3-0 in the Round of 64 but lost to Marseille 3-1 in the next round.

The transfers

Willem Geubbels leaving was a blow but it helped subsidise the rebuild.

  • Malik Sawadogo didn’t get many games, averaging 6.20 from 5 games.
  • Ali Garcia scored 30 goals in 32 games in the reserves. I didn’t even know that until I started writing this up
  • Sean Roughan averaged 6.67 from 6 starts and 3 sub appearances
  • Brahima Diarra did well in his first season, averaging 7.24, playing 35(2) games, scoring 9 goals with 5 assists
  • Farès Chaïbi only appeared 11 times and all from the bench. 1 assist and a 6.45 average rating
  • Adrien Riou played 33 games in the reserves. 1 assist and a 6.45 average rating
  • Grégory Moreau also played 33 games in the reserves, scoring 10 goals from defensive midfield and a 6.97 average rating
  • Quentin Kanté played 26(3) games, scored once, and a 7.03 average rating

The Money

We’re back to Secure, with a profit of €13.972m. We might be getting more seats in the stadium too which will help as we got record attendances quite a few times this season.

Objective recap

  • Finish ahead of PSG

PSG had their worst season so far, finishing 2nd in Ligue 1, losing in the Coupe de France final against Rennes, and going out of the 2nd group stage of the Champions League (don’t forget this game still uses the old CL format).

So what does Season 5 have in store? Join me next time to find out.

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