Hey, Paris! (a new CM01/02 save) — Part Trois

If you have no idea what that is, check out the first and second parts to get up to speed. In a nutshell, I’m managing Paris FC and trying to get them to finish ahead of PSG.

To improve the longevity of this save (providing it doesn’t crash), I’ll keep these updates short and cover the following sections

  • The league
  • The cups
  • The transfers
  • The money
  • Objective recap

Let’s see how the league campaign finished.

The league

2024/253rdLigue 23819118854468

I’m gonna keep doing a table for the final league positions. But I will show you how we got to 3rd with a screenshot:

We went from the bottom all the way to 3rd over the course of the season, thanks to a significant tactical change in the first quarter of the season. Things weren’t working out so I used a different formation and it really paid off. Results and performances were still quite inconsistent (which I’ll need to iron out if I want to stay in Ligue 1 next season) but the switch-up was remarkable.

The cups

Coupe de France: Round of 32

I didn’t holiday through the Coupe de France this time but I still finished in the same place. We lost 2-1 to Clermont on this occasion.

The transfers

We spent big and didn’t get much out of it, but I needed to restructure. Clearly it paid off but Willem Geubbels is leaving at the end of the season as Nice activated his minimum release fee clause (€3.6m). It’s a profit I guess.

The Money

Money is okay, but we’ve gone from Secure to Ok (what is this, a passive aggressive social media relationship status?) but that’s because of transfers and wages. We’ll get some money for getting promoted which will hopefully bring us back into Secure country.

Objective recap

  • Finish ahead of PSG

PSG did the domestic double so obviously not met this objective.

So what does Season 4 have in store? Join me next time to find out.

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