Hey, Paris! (a new CM01/02 save) — Part Deux

If you have no idea what that is, check out the first part to get up to speed. In a nutshell, I’m managing Paris FC and trying to get them to finish ahead of PSG.

To improve the longevity of this save (providing it doesn’t crash), I’ll keep these updates short and cover the following sections

  • The league
  • The cups
  • The transfers
  • The money
  • Objective recap

Let’s see how the league campaign finished.

The league

2023/2417thLigue 13871021427531

I forgot to get a final table screenshot but we finished 17th and got relegated. The team just didn’t work well in Ligue 1 and we struggled to get wins. In fact, I went on holiday for a few games and my assistant manager did better than me but we still couldn’t get out of the relegation zone.

The cups

Coupe de France: Round of 32

I actually holidayed through this so we won the Round of 64 2-0 against Pau and lost 2-0 to Reims in the next round (they also got relegated with us). Nothing else to say, not a priority this season.

The transfers

We made a profit but due to the season performance, not many of the players could flourish. Except Willem Geubbels.

God bless a Bosman.

The Money

Money is great, as we made just over €17m in profit. I’ll be using some of that to rebuild the team and get rid of players past their prime or otherwise surplus to requirements.

Objective recap

  • Finish ahead of PSG

PSG finished 1st with an almost identical record to their previous title win (won, lost, and drew the same amount of games conceded the same and only scored 3 goals less than the previous season – 82 vs 85). We finished 17th. Go figure. This may take a while.

So what does Season 3 have in store? Join me next time to find out.

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