Goiás's New Brand Identity Is Glorious

Every season, football clubs release new kits, sometimes with new sponsors. I still remember the days when a kit would be the same for two or three seasons but fans and sponsors want to see something new for every campaign. But sometimes, a club will go through a whole revamp.

BR/BAUEN Design Group shared their rebrand project for the Brazilian club, Goiás. They detailed the concepts from start to finish and it’s fantastic. This grabbed my attention mostly because of the thought that went into the design but a big part of it was the green – I’ve really been into green since 2017 when I saw Sporting CP play at home for my birthday. There’s also the Portuguese connection (I was on holiday in Lisbon at the time).

Factfile: Goiás

Goiás (full name Goiás Esporte Clube) is a Brazilian sports club located in Goiânia. Its football team has spent the majority of its time in Brazil’s Série A, has competed in the Copa Libertadores twice and Copa Sudamericana 6 times. Famous managers include Argel Fucks, Wagner Lopes, Émerson Leão, and Carlos Alberto Silva.

I’d like to think any club that goes through a rebrand has this much attention to detail given to it. Or at least consideration given to the club and its history. But I digress.

The slideshow below shows a few screenshots of the brand journey and there’s an accompanying video beneath that.

  • Rebrand info
  • Goiás old kits
  • Goiás logos
  • Fan stats
  • Goiás shirts
  • Old Goiás shirt
  • Billboard
  • Goiás shirt
  • Goiás shirt

Club fact file

  • Located in Goiânia, Goiás
  • Winners of 28 Campeonato Goiano and 3 Copa Centro-Oeste
  • Promoted to the Copa Libertadores 3 times and the Copa Sudamericana 6 times
  • Former managers include Luiz Felipe Scolari, Carlos Alberto Silva, Argel, and Jorginho
  • Their Ultras are known as Força Jovem Goiás

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