Glorious on Nicola Bennett and Lauren Prince shaking up golf

We covered British Black Golfers and their work to bring young Black talent into the game a while back and in the same ethos, albeit from a female perspective, golfers Nicola Bennett and Lauren Prince are switching the narrative away from golf being a stuffy and (mostly) white male sport.

Continually adapting and recalibrating her method to teaching in aid of changing the narrative, Lauren is likewise adamant to show the ease of picking up and continuing to practise a sport like golf on her Instagram. “It’s one of those sports where you can take your clubs to the beach or practise in your garden, just mess about, doing chipping practice,” she says. “And when you realise that all you need is a ball and driver rather than a court and partner, you can’t help but be envious of the reality of its practicality. It’s become a part of my lifestyle now rather than just a side hobby. I take my clubs everywhere,” she adds. She recalls the most unexpected place she has ever hit a few balls: a beach – where she used golf balls made from fish food that would dissolve in the water.

You can follow Lauren (@guiltyofgolf) and Nicola (@nicolabennettofficial) on Instagram.

(h/t Glorious for the awesome cover story)

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